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What Now?

Published April 7, 2013

Easter is over, and the Lord Jesus has been resurrected. What now? The disciples had experienced a wonderful three years of walking with Jesus. They had been convinced that “the teacher” was much more. They had confessed Him as “the Messiah, the Son of God.” Yet, they were still undecided about taking hold of His vision for themselves. We’re the same way. We believe in Jesus. We are taught by His words, we agree with His mission, and we abide in His church, but we are reluctant to “go it on our own.” When I took my solo flight after a […]

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What Is the Gospel?

Published March 24, 2013

I met this week with Pastor Matt Gaston of Burton Baptist Church and Pastor Ken Elliot of Linden Hills Family Fellowship to plan our cooperative Easter Sunrise service at our campus. Pastor Matt suggested that we each speak to a part of the gospel: the death/burial, resurrection, and commission of Jesus. It’s a good idea, and that’s what we’ll do. We reminded ourselves that the Easter saga is the gospel. In those three short days God in Christ gave us the best news we’ll ever have. He showed us by His example that sin is taken care of, that we […]

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The Way Home

Published March 3, 2013

“This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through….” are the lyrics to a song that we’ve sung at one time or another. It says that heaven’s our real home, and “I can’t feel at home here anymore.” It should be every Christian’s desire, his most sincere longing, his hope to be at home in heaven with Jesus. After all, the Lord said, “…I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also (John 14.3). Yet, our ties to this earth are strong, […]

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The Lenten Season – What It Means for Non-Catholics

Published February 17, 2013

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. It is the beginning of Lent, and what is that? Lent is celebrated by the historical Christian church as a time of personal introspection, fasting, prayer and abstinence. The word comes from the German word for “spring.” It is directly associated with Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection as the godly template for renewal. Just as the trees bud forth in leaf, and the animal world gives birth to offspring, so, Christ opens the door to life for all who believe in His sacrifice. Simply put, we are no longer slaves to sin, caught up in the darkness […]

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The Terrible – Awful Interim

Published April 27, 2012

So, Easter is over, and Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and He has appeared to the disciples, and now they’re all waiting. It is the terrible-awful interim period between His glorious resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. This time period is upon us in many ways, not just in the 50 days of waiting for the Pentecostal promise. We’re all living in some kind of “waiting period.” Too often it is a negative time, like waiting for “the next shoe to drop.” It’s extremely uncomfortable. We don’t like it, and we’d just as soon get it […]

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When the Music Stops

Published April 13, 2012

For those who like music, there’s a deadly pause after you hear a favorite song. The radio quickly fills in the space with a commercial, but in real life when the music stops we’re often at a loss to know what to do next. In a sense, it’s the same with Easter. What do you do after Easter? What can possibly top the resurrection? The disciples must have felt much the same thing. They saw Jesus crucified dead, then wonderfully resurrected! They were excited, but then again, they expected Jesus to keep stoking their fire. The angel summarized it at […]

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The Resurrection

Published April 22, 2011

We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. That seems simple and straightforward enough but in this day of doubting, cynicism and questioning, the resurrection faces opposition. Why? Well, dead men don’t rise. It’s a matter of human experience. There are also a growing number of Christians who have seen the dead rise, particularly on the mission field. Fact or fake? Ask the witnesses. Then there’s the heavy consequences of such a thing. If Jesus did arise from the dead, we are obligated to respond. The resurrection validates all He taught and stood for. Add to this the fact […]

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Easter Then and Now

Published April 18, 2011

As Easter approaches, I’m reminded of a snapshot from my childhood. In the photograph, my sister and mother and I are all wearing new dresses, hats, and gloves. My brother and father are attired in their best suits and wearing a tie. We’re all dressed up in our brand new Sunday finest, ready to go to church on Easter Sunday. When I was growing up, my family was largely “Holiday Christians”. We always attended church on the big holidays – Christmas and Easter – but didn’t make it a point to attend every other Sunday of the year. I didn’t […]

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Sojourning to Easter

Published April 7, 2011

The Bible says that “by faith he (Abraham) sojourned in the land of promise…” (KJV, Heb. 11.9). “Sojourned” is a good, old English word that means to “dwell/travel.” Abraham is a type of the Christian as he dwelt and traveled in this world. So it is that we’re on a spiritual journey just as Abraham. For the Bible says, “He (Abraham) went out, not knowing whither he went” (Heb. 11.8). He went by faith. That’s the point, and so we too go by faith, bravely into each day not knowing for sure what will happen. Such uncertainty is becoming the […]

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Published March 25, 2011

New life! The return of the sun and the warming of the earth after a long, dark and cold winter has always been a joy. So much so…that humans have created a whole mythology around it. The ancients dreamed-up the goddess Eastre. She was their symbol for fertility and new life. She eventually got mixed-up with the Roman Catholic season of resurrection, and to save the trouble of explaining the Christian view to the pagans, the church just adopted their “spring goddess’s name” as the representation of Jesus’ Resurrection. We can get upset about the pagan accommodations that twist and […]

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This Show Low nondenominational church is comprised of an independent body of believers, who have found comfort in biblical love, fellowship and spiritual unity. We practice New Testament Christianity in adherence to the Word of God, in faith, in obedience, and servanthood. We are dedicated to that which blesses the Lord Jesus Christ and lifts up His commandments, especially to love one another.

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