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Why the Bible?

Published January 6, 2013

The Bible is precious to believers. It is our only rule for faith and practice, and wisdom dictates that we know what it teaches from cover to cover. But, the mood of the contemporary church has strayed from the Bible. Excuses range from “I don’t have enough time to read it.” all the way to “It’s an archaic book that has little meaning for me in the 21st century.” Anything and everything that we know about the Christian faith is directly dependent on the Bible. No Bible; no Christian faith. And, if our faith is depreciated, then our life is […]

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Published February 23, 2012

Today’s church has lost its sense of holiness. Everything has been “dumbed down”, so to speak, to fit the contemporary mood. We don’t dress up for church anymore. We don’t sing hymns; we don’t have stained-glass windows; we don’t preach the holy life, and we certainly don’t make trips to the altar “to pray through our sins.” What’s going on? Well, we’re pretty much on schedule for the end of age apostasy that the Bible speaks about. Peter writes to the New Testament church: “As He who called you is holy; you also be holy in all your conduct, because […]

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The Church Today

Published May 13, 2011

In the last year I’ve read several contemporary books on the church. They have not been doctrinal, nor for that matter, definitive. No. Each one has said that the American church is in trouble, and if it doesn’t “get a grip” it will go extinct. “How so?” you may ask. Well, for one thing,  Americans don’t see the local church as essential anymore. That means that going to church is only one of many preferences, kind of like electing to eat out or to go on a Saturday picnic. Part of the reason for this disinterest in the church is […]

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About New Hope Christian Fellowship

New Hope Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational Christian church in Show Low, Arizona.

This Show Low nondenominational church is comprised of an independent body of believers, who have found comfort in biblical love, fellowship and spiritual unity. We practice New Testament Christianity in adherence to the Word of God, in faith, in obedience, and servanthood. We are dedicated to that which blesses the Lord Jesus Christ and lifts up His commandments, especially to love one another.

What We Believe: “To do things Jesus’ way, by Jesus’ teaching, and for Jesus’ glory.”

Life Verse: “Bear one another’s burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)


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