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Join Us for Friday Night Worship Service

Published October 3, 2009

New Hope Christian Fellowship has a new offering for those who wish to attend an evening service. Beginning October 9th, we will have a regular Friday night worship service starting at 7 PM at the American Indian Christian Mission chapel.  Jim Powell and John Prickett will be delivering the sermon message in tandem. For anyone who is seeking an alternative service in a casual atmosphere with lots of great audio and video interspersed with a traditional Biblical message, this promises to be a great opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of Christians. Please join us for this fun, casual, and contemporary […]

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The Astrophysics of 2012

Published August 10, 2009

What makes 2012 so interesting is that there’s evidence for what’s taking place. Our solar system with the sun and it’s nine planets (I include Pluto) is orbiting the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across, and our system is about 25,000 light years out. It takes us millions of years to complete our orbit. While we follow that orbit, our solar system is oscillating up and down through what’s called the galactic equator. It’s just like the equator on our earth, and like the equator, it’s hot. The energy coming from the giant black hole at […]

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Published August 2, 2009

I wrote a novel around the Mayan end date of December 21, 2012. You can purchase it from our NHCF store via our online shopping cart here. Look. Like any other human speculation, we can swing to an extreme. Do you remember Y2K? We didn’t crash. Well, it could be the same thing with 2012. One extreme says it’ll be the end of everything; another extreme says it’ll be the bright new age of man. I feel more inclined to the latter. After all, when I read the Bible I don’t find a 2012 kind of cataclysm. Oh yeah, there’s […]

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Our New Blog

Published July 28, 2009

We’ve been working on our website for sometime. Just added the blog, and now we’re encouraging responses. Much of what we write will be in the realm of theology…ah, actually, non-technical dialogue about Christian views.

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Barbecue for Associate Pastor Mark Clements

Published July 15, 2009

Life is bittersweet It is with a sad heart that we bid farewell to Associate Pastor Mark Clements and his lovely wife Cynthia, yet we must be happy for the wonderful opportunity God has afforded them. They have been integral part of New Hope Christian Fellowship from the beginning and are now moving back to New Hampshire to head their own church.It is what they wanted and they will be able to live closer to their families back east. Still, we can’t help but be sad that these kind and generous people are leaving. We honored them with a barbecue […]

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Going Away Luncheon

Published July 15, 2009

I had the privilege of hosting a going away luncheon for Cynthia Clements, wife of Associate Pastor Mark Clements, this past weekend. My dear friend, Kathy Hether, helped me with hostess duties. She is always such a big help; I can’t thank her enough for all she does for me as well as the church. Everybody brought a salad. The menu was for salads, desserts, and focaccia bread. Yummy! We decorated the place all in pink – Cynthia’s favorite color – and had it looking like an outdoor tea party. There were vases on each table with tiny red and […]

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A Message From Pastor Tom

Published July 10, 2009

This Sunday, the 12th of July, we will be having a barbecue immediately following the service in honor of associate pastor Mark Clements and his wife, Cynthia. They are moving back east and we will miss them greatly. Everyone is invited to join us for burgers and hot dogs and a whole lot more. We welcome all who can attend.

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About New Hope Christian Fellowship

New Hope Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational Christian church in Show Low, Arizona.

This Show Low nondenominational church is comprised of an independent body of believers, who have found comfort in biblical love, fellowship and spiritual unity. We practice New Testament Christianity in adherence to the Word of God, in faith, in obedience, and servanthood. We are dedicated to that which blesses the Lord Jesus Christ and lifts up His commandments, especially to love one another.

What We Believe: “To do things Jesus’ way, by Jesus’ teaching, and for Jesus’ glory.”

Life Verse: “Bear one another’s burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2)


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