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Who’s In Control Here?

Happy New Year 2014Whenever a new year rolls around, some are asking, “Will this be a good year or a bad year?” We also tend to frame our answers on who’s running the country at the moment. Well, that’s seldom a good thing to do. Our country has been under siege from bad government ever since the founding fathers passed away.

Ben Franklin was wise. A woman at Independence Hall in Philadelphia once asked him, “Dr. Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?” His answer was cryptic, “A Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

So, we’ve been trying to keep our Republic ever since, through Revolution, through Civil War, through social upheavals, through the New World Order, and through ugly seasons of greed and avarice. Can we hang on? Will it be good year? I think so.

It is well to remember that, according to recent stats, 86% of Americans believe in God, although they don’t all go to church, nor do they claim a saving experience in Christ. Nevertheless, the “shadow community” of God believers will win the day.

All it takes is for a percentage of those “believers” to pray daily God’s favor and kindness on us; to believe that He is “the blessed controller of all things” (1 Tim.6.15, Phillips).

It’s always been the devil’s plan to discourage us and sour us against our country through a constant drip of bad news. Please remember this year that the majority of Americans believe in God, do what’s right, and want justice to be done. Unfortunately, it’s the screaming fleas of minority annoyance that seem to be the loudest.

A Happy New Year starts with you, Christian. Be good news!

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