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Christians and Halloween

pumpkinAside from Christmas, Halloween is the most celebrated of any American holiday. Even the Robertson family on “Duck Dynasty” had a Halloween party and dressed up in their favorite costumes.

This brings to mind the question, “What is a Christian family doing celebrating Halloween?” At the end of the show, Willie Robertson tried to make sense out of it all by lifting up the good ol’ fun of scaring each other and having some tricks and treats. Hmmm…

Over the course of my 40 years of ministry I’ve seen Halloween rejected, accepted, criticized, ignored and even used as an evangelistic tool. Who’s right? How should the church view and treat a “pagan” holiday? Well, first of all, Halloween is really “All Saints’ Day” in the Catholic tradition. It was supposed to be a time when believers honored dead loved ones. Then, in the Roman Church’s effort to draw in the pagans and get them converted, to the holiday were added bits and pieces of pagan rituals. The same thing happened to Israel when they adapted aspects of the Canaanite culture into their religious practices. Of course, as we read in Scripture, God was not happy about Israel’s dabbling in paganism.

How should we feel as Bible-believing Christians? Well, it’s back to the old adage, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” I guess that holds for Halloween too. Treat it as a fun event, like some local churches hosting “Harvest Celebrations,” or “Alternative Parties.” But don’t lose sight of your Christian groundings. That means use some discretion; be not conformed to the world.

The dark side of Halloween should be avoided. This means setting aside the Freddie Kruger stuff while lifting up the redemptive aspects of clean fun, good food and treats, wholesome costumes and words. After all, Christianity is good news, not bad.

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