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Overcoming the World

Overcoming obstaclesLast Sunday I preached a sermon on “Being Positive in Jesus.” I gave numerous examples from both the Bible and the natural world for being positive. Nevertheless, Christians need to have some “sanctified common sense.” This means that being positive does not mean being ignorant.

The things of the world are corrupt, and they are passing away (1 Jn.2.17). We don’t need to put ourselves into a fantasy world, believing all things positive when the world is going to a Christ-less eternity around us.

Being positive for Christians means, first of all, having the mind of Christ, “Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Heb.12.2).

In other words, Jesus was positive, but at the same time He “despised the shame” of being in the world and subject to corrupt government, false doctrines, deceptions and evil in all its forms. Just because we Christian follow Jesus in being positive does not mean that we ignore sin (Rom.6.1,2). In other words, to have a pollyanna attitude about life and, remaining silent about the evil practices of men, is not “common sense,” nor is it “sanctified.”

Faith is not blind, nor is it ignorant. Our faith in God is based upon the sound revelation that He’s given us in Jesus Christ our Lord. Our faith is not in man, nor man’s culture, nor man’s law. Our faith and our lives are in God.

Because we trust God and His Word, we can afford to be positive no matter what the world throws at us. Yet, our positive view is always informed by the Word of God which trumps any and all negatives.

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