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Is America a Christian Nation?

God-Bless-America1On the 4th of July, Hobby Lobby, as they do for every major Christian holiday, placed a full page ad in newspapers across the country with the message that the United States is a nation founded on God and Christianity with quotes from some of our most revered past presidents. And, also as usual, there were plenty of bloggers and reporters who took the company to task for making such a brazen assertion. In fact, here in Arizona, Tucson-based Arizona Star ran a story doing just that, with the reporter stating that, “Shamefully, these quotes were cherry-picked, out of context, irrelevant, misleading or simply personal opinions.” The reporter even went as far as to say most of those quoted, such as George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were deists, not Christians.

Having studied this matter at some length, it is the reporter who is using information out of context and stating personal opinions. One of today’s most learned scholars on the subject, David Barton, has actually read original documents (he owns over a 100,000 of them dated prior to 1812) and studied our country’s founding fathers extensively. According to Barton, not only did our federal government issue official prayer proclamations – 1,400 of them – in the year before 1815, Congress actually printed copies of the Bibles for use in American schools (which were a fixture in the American education system until 1963, when they were removed). There are copious references to God and scripture in our Constitution. Numerous other scholars and historians have studied the subject and come to the conclusion that the majority of US presidents were Christians and held very staunch beliefs and deep faith in God. It seems obvious that the Holy Trinity was indeed a powerful force in the making of our nation.

So, is American still a Christian nation today based on statistics and public opinion surveys? Overwhelmingly, yes. But it is up to us to ensure that our country is run by those with a strong reliance on God. It’s time to take notice, stand up for what we believe and get down on our knees in prayer.

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