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Christian Father's DayOkay, so it’s Father’s Day. It’s a nice “Hallmark” touch, and we get a chance to honor our fathers. That’s good, but there’s much more that gets little attention.

I’m going to open myself up to all kinds of mail. Without true, biblical fathers, this nation is lost. Why? Because our fathers are the ones who impart not only survival knowledge to their children, but also, the training and grit it takes to be a true human being. Yes, our species is always in danger of self-destructing. It’s only because of our fathers that the generations step up one after another.

Well, what about Mom? Of course Mom is just as important, but in a far different way. A true human being is balanced. That’s what dads and moms do for us. They put us on track and keep us in balance.

This is the way it is: dads bring discipline, grit, and strength to the family. They don’t have to be Christians to make this happen because it’s written into our genes by God already. My dad was not a believer, but he sure taught me what it meant to be a man. I am grateful for him “whipping me into shape,” and I say that both literally and figuratively.

Having Christ as our Savior makes us all the better fathers. Think about Jesus. He was on balance. He displayed all the toughness and grit that a man should have (After all…He was a carpenter; walked everywhere, overcame temptations, and took a horrible beating and then hung on the cross), but Jesus was also loving, kind, and self-giving. That’s balance…and it takes moral courage.

Now, here’s the tragedy of our day. In our nation right now, there are 50 percent of the homes that have no father. Oh, they may have a boyfriend, or a stepfather, neither of whom have proven very valuable. In fact, we have a whole generation of wimped-out men who fill our prisons, impregnate our women, and substance abuse themselves to death.

We need fathers who fear God and faithfully take care of their families as the Almighty intended; Christ is our example.

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