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Happy Mother's DayFew words strike such memories and feelings as the word “mother.” I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be in God’s plan. Our mothers are our protection, our caregivers, our friends, our teachers, our inspiration and a wealth of other good things. How sad it is when a mother fails to fulfill her positive role in a child’s life. But how wonderful it is when a mother serves her role well in the fear of the LORD.

I got into trouble in a previous church where I served because I praised my mother in a sermon. It made a couple women in the congregation feel inferior. I received the same criticism at another time for preaching from Proverbs 31 on “The Virtuous Woman.” So, I rarely speak about Mom anymore. Yet, here in this writing, facing the possibility of criticism for lifting up a positive, Christian woman, I will say this much: My mom loved me and treated me with kindness, teaching me to be a decent human being. Furthermore, she feared God.

We only need to think about some biblical women, who give a good example, to begin to understand God’s divine intention for women. There’s Ruth, whose husband died, but she chose to stay with and care for her mother-in-law and finally married Boaz, showing herself as hard-working, honorable and faithful (Ruth 1.4-18; 3.1-4.13). And, we have Samuel’s mother, Hannah, who trained up her son in the fear of the LORD and dedicated him to priestly work (1.19 – 2.10). Her “song of praise to the LORD” is prophetic. Then, too, there’s Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus, who was dear to Him and prayed and ministered to Him all the way to the Cross (Luke 2.26-37-2.52; John 19.26,27). Her prophetic utterance is called the “Magnificat” and it holds wisdom for the Christian woman today.

So, it is plain to see that God intended for women to be virtuous, persevering, loving and righteous. They are to be the heart of their homes, and indeed, they deserve our esteem.

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