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Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

This is Pentecost Sunday, falling 50 (penta) days after Easter, and it’s when the Christian church was born.

pentecostWe read in Acts, chapter two, that “(on) the day of Pentecost…they were all together in one place…and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit…” This is no small event but, unfortunately, it has been shaped by opinion and interpretation into something quite different from what it was.

Jesus told the disciples that they were to wait in Jerusalem until “power came upon them” (acts 1.8). It was the same promise that He gave them in John 14, where He said, “And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper…” (14.16).

We can all agree that Jesus promised us power in the Holy Spirit and that He was given in a new way to the church at Pentecost. What we have a problem with is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Christians have been divided over this issue for generations.

We need to recognize of first importance that the key manifestation of the Holy Spirit is “love for one another.” That’s the sign of our spirit filling given by Jesus (John 13,35). After love comes holiness. Peter writes, “but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior” (1 Pt. 1.15,16). I can guarantee that without the filling of the Holy Spirit, you’re not going to be able to love as you should, nor will you be able to live as you should.

Those who advocate speaking in tongues as the sign of spirit filling are often far from loving or holy. We need to turn things around here. Let’s all be filled with the Holy Spirit, and yes, let’s ask for the filling (Luke 11.13). But, God forbid that in exercising our gift that we are less loving and/or less holy (1 Cor. 14 ff).

Happy Birthday church!

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