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What Now?

evangelismEaster is over, and the Lord Jesus has been resurrected. What now? The disciples had experienced a wonderful three years of walking with Jesus. They had been convinced that “the teacher” was much more. They had confessed Him as “the Messiah, the Son of God.” Yet, they were still undecided about taking hold of His vision for themselves.

We’re the same way. We believe in Jesus. We are taught by His words, we agree with His mission, and we abide in His church, but we are reluctant to “go it on our own.”
When I took my solo flight after a year’s flight training, my instructor told me, “Now, the aircraft will behave differently without my weight.” No kidding. A sense of fear gripped my mind as I flew off into the blue with the empty seat beside me. Yet, that’s exactly what I needed. Just like a baby bird getting kicked out of the nest, I needed to go it alone. One cannot be a full-fledged pilot, nor for that matter, a full-fledged Christian, until you “solo.”

It’s surprising how many Christians have not soloed.

Jesus commanded us all, those disciples then, and us now, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them…and teaching them….” (Matt. 28.19,20). It’s just been within, I’d say the last 30 years, that church attending, Christian people have become less and less evangelistic. Jesus set the example: He taught them, and then He lived it before them. Step two is to live it before men.

Our courage comes from the Holy Spirit who was given to the church a long time ago. He’s still available, and even though we often neglect Him, He is ready and willing to give us the words and the life to win the lost to Christ. After all, it’s what Jesus wanted, and we should want it too…after Easter.

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