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Fourth Down and 30 Seconds To Go

A lot can happen in 30 seconds. Just ask any avid football fan. Whole games have turned around in the last seconds of play. It’s a good reminder for us all across the board: As long as there’s time, there’s the chance to win…or lose.

It’s much the same with the uncertainties of the presidential election this Tuesday. The pundits have already decided the outcome. The pollsters are affirming the accuracy of their data, and John Q. Public has pretty much cast his vote for his favorite team, if not literally (because some have already voted), at least in his mind.

Yet, surprise contingencies may change things. Who would have expected Hurricane Sandy, the perfect storm which has demolished the East coast, to perhaps interfere with the election? Now authorities are wondering if they’ll be recovered enough to manage voting on Tuesday. It’s the last 30 seconds, and the game is hanging in the balance.

What else could happen? Please. Don’t ask. What should be a normal, four-year, garden variety presidential election, is giving the impression more and more of being a total surprise.

It’s the last 30 seconds, folks. Don’t let down now and head for the exits to beat the rush. There’s too much at stake here, and even if you’ve already voted, you can still pray and encourage others to vote. You can still make a difference, even if its only to hoot and holler and cheer. At least on the football field that kind of fan support adds zest to a players’ determination.

“Please God, hear our prayers. Deliver America from our transgressions. Bind our hearts to You and your righteousness. Cause us to confess, repent, praise, cheer and vote to your glory!”

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