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Who’s On First?

Abbott and Costello, if you remember them, do a comic routine called “Who’s On First?” It’s about baseball, and through the routine they try to get a handle on the players’ names. So, “Who” is on first base, and “What” is on second base…and so on. The result is a hilarious confusion. This reminds me of our political scene right now…who’s on first? That is, who’s ahead in the polls?

It’s really kind of amusing to watch the news media debate the value of the polls and which poll is the most accurate, and what the polling means in the long run. So, one candidate moves ahead of the other on Monday, and then they take another poll, and the other candidate moves ahead on Tuesday. The whole thing is touchy, and if a candidate says something provocative or out of sorts, the polls rock and roll with reverberations. Then the guy that messed up has to explain himself.

This is really nothing new. Jesus was always explaining Himself to His contemporaries. The Jewish leadership asked Him repeatedly, “Who are You” (John 8.25)? They put Him to the test and asked by what authority He worked signs and wonders (Matt. 21.23). It’s no different now. Potential leaders rise up, and the controllers ask questions and put them to the test.

We want to know who’s on first but I’m not sure this will ever happen, at least in the realm of men. Men are about as consistent as soup sandwiches. God, on the other hand, is the same “yesterday, today and forever” (Heb. 13.8).

Put your faith in God, not the polls.

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