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Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

We Americans are infatuated with “the look.” It’s especially evident in movie stars and politicians. And now, with the 2012 presidential campaign everywhere we look, we are made conscious of how important looking presidential is to the outcome.

The same holds for being Christian. It has a look. The late Jerry Falwell looked Christian. Billy Graham looks Christian and so do most of those television evangelists, like Joel Osteen. They look Christian, but it’s only skin deep, or suit deep, as the case maybe.

Just because one is wearing a $1000 suit, like Osteen, does not guarantee his inner being is more favorable to God, or for that matter, even Christian. Neither does it qualify him for more respect and reliability, like Bill O’Reilly, who wears expensive clothing in each night’s newscast.

In man’s economy, “the clothes make the man.” But in God’s economy, “the heart makes the man.” Jesus said, “Not what enters into the mouth defiles the man but what proceeds out of the mouth this defiles the man…but the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man” (Matt. 15.11,18).

Unfortunately, the Christian community is still image sensitive. Osteen is in, Billy Joe Bob in his jeans, T-shirt, and mullet is out.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not advocating that we all dress down, so that our hearts will shine. What I’m saying is that Jesus was not impressed with looks, up or down. What makes the Christian is his heart attitude. That needs to be right with God. Everything else is only preference, and it finally, evaporates into nothing.

The Christian look is always, “See how they love one another…by this all men will know that you are my disciples…because you love one another.”

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  1. Yusnita August 5, 2012

    (Please understand that I am geazinlreing and that I am not implicating ALL churches.)My opinion is that the reason these statistics exist is BECAUSE of the church. If the church wants to keep kids, it needs to learn how to encourage them in Christ rather than discourage them from the world. There is a difference. We need to be more accepting of kids rather than criticize their every wrong move. I’m not saying overlook blatant sin but I am saying not to put expectations on what Christianity looks like. Kids with purple hair and ripped jeans aren’t all bad and they might have a heart for worship if we could get past their outer layer.I’m a married grown-up and I sometimes feel like I am not “good enough” or that I don’t measure up in some Christian’s eyes. If I feel that way, imagine what some impressionable teenager must feel like.Sorry for the long answer…you just touched on a topic that is very, very close to my heart.

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