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Helpmeet 2012

The Bible says, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an helpmeet for him” (Gen.2.18). Modern translations have gradually remade the word “helpmeet” into first “help (fit)”, then “helpmate,” and now “helper.” But, the old English has a certain spark to it that’s missed in the modern versions.

“Helpmeet” comes from the Anglo-Saxon, meaning “a helpful partner.” That’s what God had in mind. It’s not that man and woman are equal in physical abilities. More, that they are equal as partners in the common task of being mother and father in the family.

In these days of feminist blasts about a male dominated world, it might be a good idea to return to the older view that men have their duties and responsibilities, and women have theirs. It’s called “the division of labor,” and in that context, all labor is important. But, this idea is also offensive to the modern mind. To appoint women to the tasks of the home, and so deny them the opportunity to be doctors, lawyers, business CEOs, and politicians is offensive to many. Yet, what more important labor is there than raising up godly, responsible and moral children?

You see, that’s the issue. Our American culture is ruined for lack of helpmeets who have partnered with their husbands to bring-up the next generation. Instead we have divided homes, where both moms and dads pursue careers, and the children are trained by the television and computer.

Am I being too stuffy, even old-fashioned? Maybe… After all it’s the 21st century. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that pronounced, as it there’s something wrong with retaining the old, good and proven.

Well, God bless the helpmeets because the current generation of mothers often are birthing factories only. They are not partners…but competitors.

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