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Going Home

We went down to the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix this past week to lay Patrick Suter’s mortal remains to rest. For too many Americans, such an event is the end of life…period. This is a modern tragedy. It need not be because the life, teaching, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ says something different.

Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the dead says that life continues. Our human consciousness is not erased. There’s something more. So, it is that Easter testifies to continuance of human personality. It’s true. I spent a lot of time last Sunday bringing the testimony to life after death from the Bible, from modern day witnesses, and even from science. Yes, there’s something after death.

But here’s the problem: Believing that there is a heaven to be gained, how do you get there?

Well, Jesus (who is our authority) tells us that “no one comes to the Father, but through (Him)” (John 14.6). That’s the big bugaboo of our age. Because, you see, to believe in Jesus, to take Jesus internally, one must come to grips with what He teaches. That means that “the wages of sin is death” but…to believe in Jesus is life (Rom. 6.23).

In order to go home to heaven, one just confess his sin (Yes, sin is real, and it is deadly.) Repent of His sin and be “born again” in Christ Jesus. The new birth is often painful, yet, believing in Jesus opens the way to heaven. He is “the Door.”

Patrick, our brother, went home to heaven. We too will follow him in our appointed times. This is our hope, and it is our assurance. God is calling us home to Him in heaven, and Easter once again affirms that destination through the power of the resurrection.

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