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On Writing Books and Pondering Aliens

What is it about man and his never-ending thirst for knowledge? Why are we so curious about the world around us? For some people this translates into research and study; in addition, for me, it spurs an intense desire to write about curious issues in a way that makes the reader think.

I’ve been writing books since 1980, but I’ve been writing poems, essays, articles and various other things, like letters to the editor, since I was in college. It’s kind of a passion with me, just like golfing is a passion with some other guys. Since I’ve read a lot and viewed more movies and documentaries than I can count, I guess all that information eventually spills over into my life.

The other factor in spurring on my writing is the fact that I received a call to Christian ministry while in the Peace Corps in Brazil. That supernatural event only amplified an already vibrant interest in the way things are. Where’d we come from? Who are we? What’s our purpose? Where are we going? You know, those kind of questions about our fascinating reality.

I remember as a boy sitting out on our front porch in Sunland, California, and looking up at the night sky, filled with a thousand stars, and wondering about God, the creation, and mankind.

The latest title I’ve released is called Ecce Homo: The Human-Alien Debate. Ecce Homo is about the growing interest in human origins and especially as these origins might be linked to alien influence. It asks the key question, “Are we the only ones?” In seventeen chapters, such as “Chimpanzee Genes,” “Biological Engineering,” and “The New Frontier,” I go over the current information as we have it. I try to be objective and not bias my writing with own Christian views. In doing so I hope to give the reader a broad and clear picture of what we’re dealing with in the alien question.

I believe that it is of utmost importance that the human population be prepared for alien contact. When it happens – and I believe that we are very close to that event – homo sapiens (wise man) needs to be prepared. Most important to me is how Christians will react when “Joe Alien” steps forward to the microphone and takes questions. Will he be believed; should he be believed? And, what will we do when he’s asked if he believes in God, and he says, “No”?

Ecce Homo: The Human-Alien Debate is available now on Amazon at the Kindle Store for only $2.99. You can order the Ecce Homo Kindle eBook here. I’d love to know what you think after reading it; please leave a comment or contact me via email through this site.

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