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The Real Debt

Are you happy that Congress pulled off a last minute spending/debt/budget bill so that our country did not have to default? Well, yes, of course. Who in his right mind would want us to default. Me for one. Surprised?

The bill that was passed changes nothing. The real problem was not addressed, as usual, and as much as we’d like to think that things are now okay…they aren’t. A default and a credit rating downgrade might have forced Congress to make the hard decisions. You see, the real debt is not owed to foreign investors, or to our various government programs, nor even to the American public. The real debt is owed to God, and we’ve been in default for a generation now. Please.

I’m not trying to be poetic here by throwing out the thought that we owe God. It’s not a religious ploy. It’s the real reason that we’re facing the severe national economic crisis before us. Malachi writes: “Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me!…bring the whole tithe into the storehouse…” (Mal. 3.8-10).

Robbing God is bigger even than the rightful tithe of 10 percent of whatever crosses our palm. It includes keeping God’s name sacred and following His will in His known teaching. In other words, we owe God for life, for liberty, and for any happiness that we might have, but we have not honored Him with praise, and we have not shown gratitude for His great kindness to us. We are in default. We have failed to meet our obligation to service our debt before the LORD God.

Hey folks…we can’t raise the spiritual debt ceiling by a stroke of a pen, and we can’t use “quantitative easing” (printing a whole bunch of worthless money) to lessen the impact of bad spiritual behavior. The only thing we can do is what Congress should have done with courage: confess, repent and reform.

It’s time for some real national confession, repentance (mourning) and genuine desire to reform our bad ways. Lest, the master comes and finds us living for ourselves and not caring for His property.

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