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What’s the Use of Church?

This title may not inspire you. You know what the church is, right? It’s the place where you go on Sunday to fulfill your religious duty, and hope that this gets you some credit before God. But, if the truth were known, you’d rather be at home, or out recreating, than sitting through another Sunday service.

Is this too harsh? Maybe. Is it truthful? Oh, yes. In fact I had a Christian friend, who’s active in his church, tell me as much with a tinge of guilt. Why feel this way? Well, first of all, church takes work. You can’t just come and “get by” so to speak. It’s work to talk and relate to others; it’s work to worship and sing and lift up your hands and use your Bible; it’s work to face yourself, your sin, your poor showing and stressful life. Secondly, church requires something of me, an offering, an effort to be civil, an honest hearing of the Word. And thirdly, church cuts through “my time.” I’d really rather be fishing, so to speak.

So, what’s the use of church?

Jesus founded the church. It must be important. He said that the “gates of Hades will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16.18). It’s called “His body” (Col.1.18). He gave it instructions to “go into all the world…preaching…teaching…baptizing” (Matt. 8.19,20). He put His ministry into the hands of His disciples…the church. His expectation is for us – the church – to be a mighty marching army, to lead the world to salvation and favor with God.

This is a mighty calling. Why are we so timid and unwilling to be the church?

Well, it takes work, sacrifice and dedication. That’s what the Bible shows us. Yet, who wants to submit to these things, especially in this age of self-indulgence and escapism?

The church is essential to a healthy Christian life. It’s essential to our spiritual growth in Him. If we we deal church out, convincing ourselves that we don’t need it, then we have negated what Jesus taught. What does that say about our salvation and our inheritance in heaven? If church is not so necessary then maybe heaven isn’t so necessary either.

In fact, this is exactly what’s happen now in the American church. More and more people, Christian people, are saying that Jesus isn’t the only way to heaven. How about you?

My Bible says that the church is the bride of Christ (Rev.19.8-10). Now you who so easily divorce one another, will you divorce Christ too by not being His bride?

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