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A Special Mother’s Day

With the beauty and joy of Mother’s Day still fresh in my mind, I am reminded that mothers everywhere share something truly special in common: the miracle of birth. Mothers are the givers of life without whom the world could not exist.

As Pastor Tom shared with us in the sermon Sunday, Mary, mother of Jesus, was a woman who was blessed with incredible faith and strength. How many of us today would believe the incredible words an angel sent to tell us of the immaculate conception of a child we were to carry? How frightened Mary must have been, yet how proud that she was the one chosen to give birth to our Lord and Savior.

While modern mothers won’t ever be asked to walk a mile in Mary’s shoes, we do have our own crosses to bear. Raising a child is difficult and often painful work. The work never ceases, continuing long after our children are grown up and having children of their own, yet the rewards are greater than any other.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to reflect back on the particular joys that only a mother can experience: feeling unconditional love from your newborn, the sweet smell of clean baby, a smile crooked from missing teeth, a touch you feel as an electrical connection straight to your heart. Do you remember the first time your child put his little arms around you and gave you a hug? Or pressed his soft little lips to your cheek in a kiss?

To know that this little human is totally dependent on you is both a burden and a blessing. To see him or her grow up and start their own family is wondrous indeed!

I am so incredibly blessed to have a loving son who grew up to be a wonderful, caring, responsible man who is now a father himself. My Mother’s Day was so joyous because I got to share it with my son and his family, including my 14-month grandson – and once again experience the heart-tugging feel of soft little arms wrapped around my neck in a hug representing a love so pure.

That’s what it’s all about, ladies. I hope you, too, enjoyed the day meant to honor you and all you do. Never forget the vital role you play in so many lives or the touch of a tiny human being reaching out to you in love.

-      Candace Morehouse

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