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New life! The return of the sun and the warming of the earth after a long, dark and cold winter has always been a joy. So much so…that humans have created a whole mythology around it. The ancients dreamed-up the goddess Eastre. She was their symbol for fertility and new life. She eventually got mixed-up with the Roman Catholic season of resurrection, and to save the trouble of explaining the Christian view to the pagans, the church just adopted their “spring goddess’s name” as the representation of Jesus’ Resurrection.

We can get upset about the pagan accommodations that twist and strain the Christian world view, but then again, we don’t have to synchronize them. That is…Easter is really “Resurrection Day.” And the chickies, bunnies and eggs are really “new life.” I mean real new life!

The church still ministers to a pagan world. It’s just that things are far more complex and sophisticated now then when our Celtic ancestors were worshiping nature. What will it take to gain their attention? Is Easter merchandising the new avenue of attraction?
I don’t think so. I believe that Jesus was crucified dead, buried and gloriously resurrected on the third day and all according to the Scriptures (1 Cor. 15.3-5). I don’t need a goddess, nor a myth, nor a cultural celebration to instill faith in me. And I strongly suspect that neither do all those called by God to believe.
It’s the old time gospel, folks. The Word of God proclaimed in faith will generate and electrify the faith in those who are meant to believe.

Jesus arose from the dead on Easter…ah…rather on the appointed day, set by God from the foundation of the world. We rest assured that the new life given to us through His resurrection is eternal and not seasonal. It is finally the fullness of God, given to us according to His perfect will.

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