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Celebrating Valentine’s Day and Other Pagan Holidays

Valentine’s Day falls into the same category as Easter, Christmas, and the other special days of remembrance that Christians celebrate. They are all derived from pagan culture. The Greeks had Cupid, the little guy with the arrows aimed at lovers’ hearts, and they had Estre, the goddess of fertility and spring, and there was the German Tanabam celebrating the evergreen tree, and so on. If we chose celebrations by whether they are pagan or Christian, we’d be left with little to celebrate if the Christian standard was upheld.

But – is this a good idea…I mean to ash-can the year’s holidays and especially since the calendar year with its days of the week, Monday through Sunday, and months, are all pagan?

The biblical command is “You shall not make for yourself an idol (graven image)…You shall not worship them or serve them…” (Ex. 20.4,5).

I suppose that if we worshiped hearts and Cupids, or bunnies and chickies, or trees, etc., that a case could be given to discard them. But we don’t. Christians find meaning in these celebrations that point back to God, and it is in Him alone that we worship.

Well, doesn’t practicing these pagan celebrations speak hypocrisy, or even worse, doesn’t it confuse others with  our tolerance and assimilation of these same pagan days? Ah..yes, in a sense that’s true. Yet, for a perfect play, we’d need to address a whole bunch of secular things that offend the faith, like borrowing money at interest or taking believers to court, both of which are condemned in Scripture.

There’s always going to be a clash between Christ and culture. Books have been written on the fact. That’s the reason that down through history groups of Christians, like our Puritan forefathers, took all the fun out of life because they found sin in it.

We must use some sanctified common sense here.

Certainly to celebrate love, even if it’s through a weak means like Valentines day, has merit over not celebrating it at all. Because as Christians we put the right spin on it. “For God so loved the world that He gave….” I can live with that. Can you?

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