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COS – Church on Sunday

We’ve been traveling in Oklahoma and Texas. Wherever we go I’m interested in other churches and who they are and what they’re doing. Ran across one in Grove, OK, on Grand Lake that mystifies me. We drove by it and noticed the sign: COS.

That’s what the sign in front of this nice looking, large building, with a big parking lot said: COS. I didn’t get it. It was obviously a church, but the bold declaration across the top of the sign was just three letters in caps. My wife called my attention to the line below, which I thought was the sermon title for that Sunday: “Church On Sunday.” Well, it finally came clear. That’s the name of the church! It set me back on my heels, so to speak, because I’ve been trained that a church is supposed to have a name like Baptist, or Methodist, or Fellowship, or something that connects with the Bible and Christian history. “Church On Sunday.” It almost seems like a no brainer, not a name.

Well, I regret that I didn’t take the time to search someone out at that building to find out what they are trying to say.

About the only Protestant churches that we’ve seen here in Eastern Oklahoma are Baptist. The COS church is a standout exception. Maybe they are mounting a protest about being labeled? Or, maybe they are a new denomination, or some cult, I just don’t know. What I do know is that there are more and more breakout congregations that rejecting the “old school” of church for something off the screen.

I have some feelings about this, and it’s worth mentioning. If you want to be biblical, the only good name for the church is: “The Church of Jesus Christ.” A close second comes from the word church itself: “The Assembly of God.” Other names, like “Baptist,” are derived from their practices, which connect at some biblical or cultural point. Thus, “Methodists” are theologically methodical, like Wesley their founder, and Lutherans are disciples of Luther who founded the Protestant Reformation. Therefore, in a sense, I can understand COS, because Paul gives us reason to believe that the New Testament Christians met on the first day of week, or Sunday (1 Cor. 16.1,2).

My problem with all this “church naming” is that it glosses over the real nature of the church which is to save man and reform him into a saint. I’m sure that somewhere in America there are churches named: “God’s Salvation,” or “Church of the Saints,” or some other more biblical handle. Yet, a name will never accurately reflect the person or the church. That’s the reason that COS is edgy because it could equally mean “Church of Satan,” as well as “Church of Savior.”

As it turns out this “church” is a video center ministry that has reformed church terms.

Originally, we Christians were called “Followers of the Way.” I’m sure that the public at large did not know what “The Way” was. Finally, I suspect it’s the same with COS. What is it? I know that as a stranger, I’d be more likely to attend a “Baptist” church then a “Followers of the Way,” or COS. What do you think?

4 Responses to “COS – Church on Sunday”

  1. Patsy Estell June 21, 2010

    Hi Pastor Tom & Margaret:
    Enjoyed going through the New Hope site again. It’s always nice to read what’s going on with you, even though we email & talk via phone. I agree with your stmt about this COS title. It certainly could be a misleading title, anyone using those initials for whatever they wanted. I like a denomination on a church, Baptist being my first choice of course. We enjoyed your visit to our home & look forward to having a little more time with you before you head back to AZ. We’d love to have you visit our home church in okc also, would be a pleasure to introduce you to our church family here. We’re praying for your continued safe traveling on your way back home…. and look forward to seeing you on our trip to AZ shortly.
    Blessings to you both,
    Tom & Patsy (Mustang, Okla.)

  2. Yang Hellums August 16, 2010

    President Obama has repeatedly shown he cares little for what the majority of Americans wish for. He is advancing his socialist agenda and Islamic leanings. Barack is a one termer and he knows it. Therefore he must create as much chaos and destruction before he is either voted out or impeached.

  3. Stephanie September 21, 2010

    My family and I were up that way in July and saw the same thing. (I wish I would have taken a picture of it)
    For so many people, Church is on Sunday, it’s just a place they go because they were raised to and it feels strange not to go.

  4. April Cox October 30, 2012

    hey!! i was online looking for last weeks sermon because i was in the childrens church and i saw this blog on my church, so i read, i wish you would have stopped in and talked to a staff menber about what COS is doing in the community, because it is a breath of freah air!! We are church COMMITED to reaching unchurched people, and hey lets go to church on sunday, would be what an unchurched person would say, they dont know what Baptist, or methodist or lutheran or catholisisim is,They dont have a backgroung in churchism… COS is doing what it takes in the community to reach those for Jesus that don’t or won’t go to church because of the way leagalistic ummm… people make them feel.. the next time your in Grove COME!!! BTW..they preach and teach Jesus.

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