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Taking the Pagan Out of the Man

Let’s face it…we’re pagans.

Some will object to the title, some are proud of it, and some just don’t care. The same percentages range across the human population on most subjects. This in itself is a mark of paganism. The pagan looks around at his world, makes some deductions and then elevates his conclusions to the realm of truth. In other words, he creates his own reality, not based upon the objective facts, but based upon what he feels. This means that he really doesn’t care what you think. Don’t confuse him with the facts.

Paganism perceives the world to be inhabited by many gods. Much like the ancient Greeks, the pagan has his Parthenon of gods, each one running a part of his world. Thus, his science is based upon his polytheistic views. The forces of earth are ruled by earth, water, wind and fire. These in turn are governed by the mother goddess (Mother Earth). Since time immortal she is Isis, the female god of the Egyptians, or, Gaia the goddess of the Greeks, or more recently, she is Eywa, the mother goddess of Pandora, that fantasy world in distant space where James Cameron weaves his story Avatar.

What we must remember is that Cameron’s views and paganism itself is diametrically opposed to what the Bible teaches…so, where standeth the truth?

Aha…now we get down to it. If you’re not a Christian, you’re a pagan. Well, yes. But, then again Muslims feel the same way about anyone who’s not a Muslim, and so on throughout the religious perspectives of our world. You see, paganism really does live within us. It’s finally part of our clan and its man’s religion. We see it living on the streets of our inner cities where gangs form around their pagan beliefs, establish their territories and mark their bodies with the signs of the clan.

Unfortunately, even some so-called Christians are pagans. Again, the pagan shapes his own reality and populates it with his many gods. So, it is not surprising that many Evangelicals today are having book studies of The Shack, a pagan portrayal of reality, or, the movie Avatar for its supposed “Christian” ties in the character of Grace. In fact, rather than sticking to what God has revealed to us in the Bible, many now are venturing out into the pagan world, attempting to attach a Christian meaning to the meaningless of pagan views.

How do we get the pagan out of us? Well, first of all we need to get our “selfness” under a true and reasonable authority, like the Bible. The mind of man, flirting with his environment, will always go back to Mother Earth. We must not worship the things that are made, natural or artificial. Rather, we need to recognize the One who created them (Rom. 1.20). Then too, we need to have faith in the God of the Bible, the divine Creator, and the One who has revealed Himself down through human history as the truth (Mark 11.22; John 14.6).

2 Responses to “Taking the Pagan Out of the Man”

  1. MarkSpizer May 3, 2010

    great post as usual!

  2. doctor wilson September 8, 2010

    I completely agree, great aricle!

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