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The Astrophysics of 2012

What makes 2012 so interesting is that there’s evidence for what’s taking place. Our solar system with the sun and it’s nine planets (I include Pluto) is orbiting the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy is 100,000 light years across, and our system is about 25,000 light years out. It takes us millions of years to complete our orbit. While we follow that orbit, our solar system is oscillating up and down through what’s called the galactic equator. It’s just like the equator on our earth, and like the equator, it’s hot. The energy coming from the giant black hole at the center of our galaxy is enormous, so much so, that the galactic equator is afire with radiation. That’s the reason that our planet’s temperature is increasing.

Global warming, caused by greenhouse gases, is a farce. Our sun is heating up, and that’s the problem. In fact, all the planets in our system are heating up at the same rate (The science maverns don’t tell you that.). Earth began its passage through the glactic equator twenty years ago, and it will complete its passage twenty years from 2012. So, the effects of this passage have been felt for some time. That’s the reason for weather changes, more frequent earthquakes, and other earth changes. But, it’s also the reason that people are more irritable and unsettled. In fact, since the mid ’80′s the increase in human mental illness and aberant behavior has increased exponentially.

That’s because of the increase energy passing through our solar system. The equatorial crossing point will occur on the winter solace, December 21, 2012. But add to this the fact that we will have completed the precession cycle of our sun (Our north pole moves one degree every 75 years, around the wobble of our planet, or 360 degrees in around 26,000 years), and that it’s the end of the eleven year solar cycle, and you have a very rare event. The Maya somehow knew these things and plotted them in their sun calendar. So, on the date of interest, the sun will rise in the center of the Milkyway galaxy (the ouroborus…the serpent’s mouth) and the sun will be at the peak of its sunspot cycle.

What will happen? The evidence indicates that we can expect many of the natural phenomena predicted in the Bible. Oh yes, and the precession cycle of the sun coincides with the oscillations of our solar system. The Maya identified  one cycle of time as 5,125. If you multiple that by their “five cycle” pattern you get 25,625 or one precession cycle of our sun. And there’s more, it turns out that it takes around 13,000 years for our solar system to move away from the galactic equator and then back again which approximates the Maya cycle of 5,125 years out and 5,125 years back. World cataclysmic events seem to occur around 5,125 cycles and 13,000 year cycles. Interesting. Next time…how’s the Bible play into all this?

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  1. global economic crisis 2012 February 25, 2010

    Survival group against God?? LOL. Good luck with that. Truth is, no one knows the exact time this will happen except the man upstairs, however, I firmly believe that there are people placed here by God that post the warning signs and it’s up to you to take heed.
    apocalypse 2012
    – some truth about 2012

  2. Spiritual Guy March 2, 2010

    Thanks for the good post as always, looking forward to your next one!


  3. Beau Infield October 28, 2010

    what a great post!

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